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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  December 6, 2015 10:30pm-10:40pm CST

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>> al: volkswagen postgame report following the game, with the stars of the game. quite a few to choose from. amigos no se pierdan el analisis bob, tony and mike breaking it down and we'll take a preview look at next sunday night's game between the patriots and the texans. colts love playing in their division, the afc south. you go back to week 17 of 2012, 16-0. you get them out of the division and they're 13-15. going on 13-16 after tonight's game. huge difference.
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that three of their remaining four games will be in the division. at jacksonville, houston at home and wrap up the season with tennessee at home. one road game at miami in week 16. >> cris: it's hard to envision a scenario where that game against houston doesn't basically decide it, right? >> al: the way it looks right now, because at the moment -- >> cris: hat trick. >> al: harrison, wow. 13th year in the league. the two sacks coming into the game. trio tonight. >> cris: joe reitz flipping over from the right tackle to left tackle and really no match. to be expected really. if you've got to drop back and throw it every down against the pittsburgh steelers, they are going to get you, and that guy
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>> al: second and goal. whitehurst taken to the ground by shazier. third and goal. so we talked about the colts and what they have and then the steelers at cincinnati next week. denver comes here. and then the two road games to end it to go to baltimore and to go to cleveland. >> cris: boy, that first cincinnati game was just a slugfest. it was really a classic. and now pittsburgh who's had so much success over the years in cincinnati, including in the playoffs, comes back for the rematch. >> al: and one more sack. this time it's arthur moats. so harrison has three sacks tonight. that's five sacks for the pittsburgh steelers. >> cris: well, let's take a look
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antwon blake under a little heat last week, has been -- a lot of passes thrown at him this year. shazier on coverage with fleener on the outside. there's brandon boykin, who's done a good job coming in and taking some snaps off these guys. >> al: and our fourth and goal. that will all but wrap it up as they turn it over on downs and pittsburgh can run the clock out. >> cris: exactly what the steelers needed, a big-time performance in a game they had to have and they got it done. >> al: big nights for a lot of guys. ben for 364 and four touchdowns. deangelo williams, a 5.2 average. came in averaging 4.9. great game and a great year for him. and antonio brown, just another one of those nights and days he does it so often. >> cris: pick out a few guys on the defense too.
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a big night tonight as well. jarvis jones, that early interception will set the tone. brandon boykin was one. >> al: landry jones will finish it out with a kneeldown, and that will take us all the way to the end. >> thank you, man. all the best to you, you know it. >> al: so 7-5 are the pittsburgh steelers and the indianapolis colts are at .500 now. their three-game streak is over. and i'm just waiting for the clock to go to zero and it's all official. the final score will be 45-10. steelers win it. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report after these
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here now, bob costas. >> well, at one point in the second quarter, the colts led this game 10-6. safe to say that did not hold up. 39 unanswered points later, pittsburgh wins it 45-10. they have won three of their last four and even counting the loss against seattle, they have averaged 35 points in those four games. three game balls will be given out.
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will get one of them. 24 for 39, four touchdowns, did not throw an interception. deangelo williams didn't find the end zone, but he carried 26 times for 134 yards. and what an epic night for antonio brown, one of the most exciting players in the league. he caught eight passes, two of them for touchdowns, then tacked on a 71-yard punt return for a score late in the game and attempted a nearly impossible and inadvisable celebration move, but somehow survived it and all three of them, roethlisberger, williams and brown are with michele. >> michele: well, ben, it seems the theme all week has been everything you guys want is right there in front of you for the taking. what was the mindset tonight? >> have fun. that's what we said in the locker room. we wanted to get done with this game and we wanted the world to see that the pittsburgh steelers have fun when they play ball. >> michele: you had fun obviously because you have a number of targets, a number of weapons. how has that developed when you've been in and out all season? >> credit to them.
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we work harding to. you know, whether we're in on offense when the defense is in, we're talking on the sideline. i give them a lot of credit because they work their butts off. >> michele: antonio brown had three touchdowns tonight but everyone will be talking about the punt return for the touchdown and the goal post afterwards. we saw you react. what were you thinking when he did that? >> a.b. is silly. i didn't want him to get hurt. he said he was trying to stick it and he didn't do a very good job. i just didn't want him to get hurt. >> michele: we've got to ask you about that. the punt return for the touchdown and you ran straight into the goal post. what were you doing? >> i was full of excitement, trying to stick it at the goal post but it didn't work out. >> michele: what do you mean, you wanted to stick right to it? >> stick right to it. >> michele: did it bother you that you got the penalty? >> no, i've got to be smarter. it's a part of the game, you've got to have fun with it and be in the moment. >> michele: you've had a lot of
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